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"It's easy to see why people listen to what Andrew Cherrie has to say about leadership."

- Mike Bugembe Award Winning Data Evangelist, Author, Entrepreneur.

"Andrew Cherrie knows what it means to be a leader. I recommend this to anyone who desires to lead at the highest level, whether in the boardroom, classroom or from the pulpit."

- Jon Norman Senior Pastor, Soul Church, UK.

"Andrew Cherrie is a unique leader of leaders who leads his family and church with strength, conviction and integrity. These practical principles will inspire, equip and grow you and those you lead. Read it!"

- Steve Mawston Speaker & Leadership Coach.

"In a crazy, fast-paced world there are times when you need a quick prognosis of a leadership dilemma and the best way to move forward, In Leadership Locker Andrew has provided just that. Keep this book close to you, you'll need it time and again."

- Glyn Barrett Senior Pastor, !Audacious Church, UK.

"Leadership Locker confirms what's really important about leadership. Each chapter will require you to take a look inside and challenge the way you lead. This book will help you grow and go to the next level in your leadership."

- Kris Mikkelson Pastor, Hillsong Church, UK.

"A must-read for leaders who are serious about making a real difference."

- Matt Stephens Founder of Inpulse and author of 'Revolution In A Heartbeat'.

"Andrew Cherrie defines good leadership as 'thought-through, intentional and effective,' and these three words actually define Andrew's own leadership. So this isn't just another book, spouting stale theories and leadership principles. It is an outflow of what Andrew models in his own life, proven daily in real life leadership experiences."

- Rob Morris President and Co-founder of Love146.

"Andrew Cherrie is an exceptional builder of people and of the local church. Reading Leadership Locker is like looking into a master craftsman's toolkit to discover honest and insightful tools concisely created to carve out the future. You will enjoy it and find practical tools here."

- Steve Gambill Lead Pastor, Life Church, UK.